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Shandong International

Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shandong International Exhibition Co., Ltd, formerly the Exhibition Project Department of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Group, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Groupwith a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is an exhibition enterprise specialized inthe fields including exhibition, activitiesand marketing.Over the ten years since its establishment, the company has planned, organized and held dozens of exhibition events every year, such as East Asia Expo, Korea Commodity Expo, Shandong International Food and Drinks Fair, Jinan Furniture Culture Festival, China Wealth Creation Franchise Exhibition, National Spring Festival Shopping Carnival & Jinan Spring Festival Cultural Shopping Fair, which covered the fields of culture, home building materials, franchise and chain, food and beverage, and had a profound influence in the industry.

Adhering to the concept of green exhibition, the company fully integrates its internal and external superior resources, continues to cultivate the field of exhibition service, combines the resources of the three professional exhibition centers managed and operated by the Group to build more high-quality brand exhibition projects, makes great efforts to drive the local exhibition economy, and strives to build the company into a first-class exhibition enterprise.

Enterprise Spirit

The company puts forward to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "down-to-earth, hard-working, preeminent, and dedicated to exhibition". First of all, we should be down-to-earth, start everything from the actual object, and explore the internal relations of things and the laws of their development. Secondly, we should strive hard, make concerted efforts, endeavour to advance and dare to create. The third is to have brilliant new ideas, new standards and new heights,strive for a first-class company and make continuous improvement. To deeply cultivate the exhibition industry means that we are committed to and love the exhibition industry, and will promote the upgrading of the industry as well as the social and economic development.

Cultural Quality

Service: be determined and do our best,study diligently and train hard, pursue perfection and never satisfy
Quality: work diligently with great concentration, make progress from hard work, be professional, dedicated and never slack off
Innovation: ponder deeply and study intensively, be hard-working and curious, renovate daily, never put off or stick to convention
Enterprise:have a far-reaching ambition, be as diligent as a bird messenger, dare to fight and strive without fear

Business Philosophy

With the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, brand and efficiency", the company requires all its staff members not only to provide customers with exhibition service solutions both horizontally and vertically, practicing the concept of service first, but also to enhance the brand image of the exhibition industry, practicing the concept of brand first, and reap economic and social benefits.

Brand Exhibition

Exhibition Plan in 2021